Special Master Jonathan Cervas explained some of his thinking in a 31-page document filed with the court.
Interviews with self-identifying Democrats in Park Slope suggest the former mayor may struggle to win over those who have traditionally supported his political career.
What lies ahead after the congressional and state Senate maps were finalized.
A court-hired expert drew the lines after a prior, Democrat-drawn plan was tossed.
"People are hurting. They need help, they need help fast," the former mayor said Friday on MSNBC's Morning Joe
The former city comptroller and mayoral candidate may run for state Senate
If there was an equilibrium in New York politics, it's been put asunder.
If finalized, the maps could lead to high-profile primaries among veteran lawmakers.
For starters: There will now be two primaries.
A population boost and the pandemic have inspired Asian communities to mobilize.
The original date was June 28. The order came after the Court of Appeals threw out New York’s congressional and state senate redistricting maps.
Congressional and state Senate candidates now face the prospect of campaigning without knowing where the district lines are.
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