Video appears to show the driver skirting the complex parking laws of the city by simply removing the parking sign.
On Sunday morning, the official POTUS account tweeted a Wrestlemania video of Trump beating up a man with a CNN logo photoshopped over his head.
The driver is alleged to be a "total hipster."
I was on the edge of my seat for the entire video.
A new building is going up in Midtown, and it looks a little...sideways.
Unless he goes Democrat.
This is why your broker took you all the way to Dyker Heights to look at an apartment listed in South Williamsburg.
Getting kind of dusty in here...
Vincent van Gogh was on the go this week.
It turns out other taxi drivers have noticed the fake cab as well—and one well-traveled driver says he's spotted around a half dozen of them in the last year.
A Redditor believes he stumbled upon a fake cabbie ripping people's credit cards off with a skimmer this week.
Tommy Wiseau responded 214 times over two hours during his Reddit AMA.
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