Red tailed hawk

It's believed that another raptor drove Blair into the glass in order to protect its territory in Downtown Brooklyn.
The bird, who was named Blair after Linda Blair's character in The Exorcist ("because he can turn his head all the way around"), is expected to be okay.
Things are eerily quiet, as the two are perched in stillness, not acknowledging one another.
A red-tailed hawk tumbled from an aerial battle Tuesday morning, crashing into a restaurant's window and sustaining a mild concussion.
The birds of prey are flourishing in the city.
Red-tailed hawks love New Yorkers!
The hawk was uninjured, and has already been released.
A chihuahua needed four stitches after being attacked by a hawk on a building fire escape.
He's a little too weak too fly, poor predator.
A half-starved red-tailed hawk that was picked up from the streets of midtown on Wednesday has a roughly 50 percent chance of survival.
A trio of cops rescued—or at least, picked up off the ground—a red tailed hawk found possibly injured in the streets of Midtown.
It turns out the 58-year-old Johnson had at least one definite hobby: he was an avid bird watcher, who spent much time in Central Park tracking the red-tailed Hawks.
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