Red sox

However, the league didn't find that the Yankees used a YES Network camera to steal signs from the Red Sox.
The accusations of bad baseball etiquette continue.
The Red Sox admitted to Major League Baseball that they used their replay crew and a trainer's Apple Watch to help steal pitch signals from the Yankees and other teams.
The sports bar, located in the wedge of land between 7th Avenue and West 4th and West 10th Streets, will close August 31st.
Feel-good story for baseball fans.
Ryan Dempster has denied deliberately aiming at Rodriguez.
Congratulations, Red Sox—you've done the unthinkable!
Who is more scared of thunder: the Red Sox or Yankees?
Have no fear, Beantown diehards: here are a few bars left for you to watch your teams get crushed.
If a former governor couldn't get away with free tickets to a baseball game, why should a former assistant deputy commissioner for the NYC Human Resources Administration?
In a perfect metaphor for their disastrous season, beleaguered Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine injured himself checking a text message while biking in Central Park yesterday.
Deadspin pointed us to the videos below, which show a female wearing a Red Sox hat brawling with Yankees fans in Section 328...during a Yankees/Tigers game.
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