Red lights

"It's the worst I've ever seen," a lawyer focused on cyclist advocacy tells us.
"Seeing this as an easy goal to beat, about a week later or so I taped this run," the driver told us about this video.
Hopefully safer streets will make for inspired drivers who reach for more of an enlightened state of movement.
The Bloomberg administration thinks it does.
We're nearing the end of National Stop on Red Week, here's a video of car crashes to end it with a bang.
"Cops said they had nabbed 5 people in the last hour doing the same thing. ALL THE WHILE THERE IS A TERROR ALERT going on in NYC."
Tyler Lafrniere There's been an outcry over the NYPD cracking down
As you probably know, the NYPD is handing out hefty $270
NJ residents have been seeing those mysterious red lights in the
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