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The Red Cross has published a survival guide. Alternatively, you can avoid the SyFy network tonight and avoid this disaster all together.
On Monday, volunteers at the makeshift relief center on Beach 96th Street said a Red Cross vehicle dropped off a trashbag of cooked hamburgers, and another trashbag full of buns.
"I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that the contribution of our 40 volunteers, two buses, and truck full of supplies to the Rockaways relief effort amounted to nearly nothing."
"They taste good because they're made with love and soul."
"The city hasn't reached out to us at all," said Matt Calender, a Rockaway resident who helps direct a bustling relief effort from a house on Beach 96th Street.
It's not just the Times who are tipping their caps to Occupy Sandy: last night, representatives from The National Guard, the Bloomberg administration, and the NYPD spoke at an organizational meeting last night.
The deal works like this: go out and eat or drink at one of the many restaurants and bars that are participating and they'll give a portion of their gross sales to the Red Cross.
"For the first couple of days there was nothing here, nobody here. It looks a lot better now."
Local shelters are seeking volunteers and many rescue organizations are requesting donations so they can help victims of the storm.
Over the years we've had lots of reasons to love the folks at the Red Cross, but this map is a great example of just how much the organization does for our fair metropolis.
The twenty residents that were living in what has come to be
Exits blocked for now (WCBS 2) Residents of two dozen apartments
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