New details emerge on a $1.3-million pilot program that hopes to end the practice of dumping garbage and recycling bags onto sidewalks.
The mayor said he would expand collection of food and yard scraps when he was running. Now he's cutting the city's collection program.
New Yorkers made 5,249 missed pickup reports between October 20th and October 26th, compared with just 1,109 a month earlier.
He also called for an expansion of the bottle bill, allowing many non-alcoholic containers to be redeemed for five cents.
The city passed a bill back in 2013 banning Styrofoam, but the ban has been tied up in court until now.
Only about 3 percent of the organics waste produced by residents in the program is getting recycled.
The move is part of the city's commitment to the Paris Agreement on climate change.
A new report finds that NYC's commercial recycling rate is only 22 percent.
The Sunset Park facility processes three quarters of all the metal, plastic, and glass set out for recycling in NYC and, thanks to Open House New York, we got to watch it all in action.
Video appears to show many dead chickens destined for a company that renders them into biodiesel.
"Polystrene retains heat, so it's good for keeping food hot." It's also good for filling landfills with mountains of non-biodegradable waste that will last for centuries.
"I've worked in the commercial sanitation industry for 28 years, and I've never once recycled bottles or cans."
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