Reckless drivers

The Driver Abatement Program, funded in February, had its first class of drivers in November.
Videos show the driver in the totaled $800,000 car.
The driver was taken into custody, but ultimately not charged.
“You see cars flying, motorcycles, loud exhausts, BMWs, Mustangs, just guys going to town."
Frank Decolvenaere was crossing Fourth Avenue in the crosswalk with his dog when he was struck by a 19-year-old driver making a right turn.
Joe Borelli says the speed cameras are ineffectual and an attack on drivers.
25-year-old Garman Chan reportedly had a history of violations for speeding.
Motorists were hit with 1,027,000 moving violations in fiscal year 2019, the lowest total since 2015.
The legislation would allow the city to boot or impound cars whose drivers rack up five or more red-light and speed camera violations within a year.
New York is still one of the easiest places in America to kill someone with your car.
For three magical days last weekend, the NYPD decided to enforce the speed limit in New York.
One of the middle schoolers who was struck by an SUV driver on a Queens sidewalk last week has died.
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