"Parts of the economy are being hammered out of existence. A lot of restaurants will fold. It's a very uneven economic impact."
The city would lose $9.7 billion in tax revenue over fiscal years 2020 and 2021 under a scenario in which NYC loses 475,000 jobs.
The union job can pay up to $50/hour.
This is a four-year low!
44 branches in the U.S. will be closed.
Will this help President Obama's re-election efforts? Jury is still out!
Two "businessmen" spent more on two bottles of wine at the 21 Club than the annual income of a couple on the poverty line.
The New York State Department of Labor has released the employment data for June, and the news is not specifically too good.
"The labor market is clearly deteriorating," said one economist.
One analyst says, "All those good job numbers were real, after all."
"It was the first time the Dow reached the 13000 level on an intraday basis since May 20, 2008."
Senator John McCain explained why Republicans got on board, "We're dumb, but we're not stupid."
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