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“There's a sense of urgency and desperation that I’ve never seen before."

Real estate agents who spoke to Gothamist/WNYC said they were now collecting higher commissions than they did before COVID, shouldered almost entirely by tenants.

“What's happening is that millions of people can't pay rent, and we're trying to turn that into a moment of collective noncompliance."

The lawsuit will charge that the Department of State "usurped its role by engaging in improper rulemaking."

An attorney for REBNY argued that the new law which limits application fees to no more than $20 contained "an area of debate."

After some misunderstanding by the brokerage community, Councilmember Powers last Friday amended the bill to state that the proposed law would not apply to renters' agents.

Reformers are confronting economic forces of supply and demand in a metropolitan area where land, labor and tax costs are high—and in a state where the real estate industry has deep pockets.

Despite the 100-odd protesters who filled the room holding 'Pass SBJSA Intact' signs, City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said he expected the measure to be amended.

'The real question is, do they want to stop the loss of small businesses? Or are they afraid to stand up to REBNY?'

"The Senate was demanding something that would harm low income people of color in exchange for something that will help them," one advocate charged.