Reality tv

This early reality television program documented a family in Queens.
This comes after a family sued the hospital, one of its doctors, and ABC for filming the death of their family member without consent.
The Bedford Stop "is something that is extremely raw, but we all just went with it and worked hard. We did it after work, we did it on the weekend."
The truest of loves have reality television shows.
Sara Schapiro works at PS 63 in the East Village and makes $66,000 a year,
Lesser reality shows force contestants to be either naked, or afraid—but rarely both. Discovery Channel is breaking the shackles of conformity and elevating television to the next level.
The Show with Vinny, which premieres tonight on MTV, brings the camera crew out to Staten Island, and, if the whole season's as adorable as the pilot, might actually be worth watching.
Oblivious pregnant ladies are so passe; the new hotness is clearly crazy funerals!
Amish people get overwhelmed in the big city!
Would you watch a show about four-year-olds being breastfed?
Because everyone knows that chefs make the best significant others (ha!) some very clever people have decided that setting unsuspecting civilians up with single chefs would make for great reality TV.
Anthony Bourdain doesn't seem keen on taking a break these days.
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