Real estate lobby

New York City will lose around 90,000 affordable apartments over the next four years thanks to Cuomo's inaction.
The mayor's ideas don't fundamentally change the model of relying on trickle-down from luxury development to create lower-cost housing.
"The plan's proposed changes will only make for taller and more luxurious market rate housing for the rich, blocking light and air for the general public."
"The issue is people's ability to stay in the city."
On the Upper West Side, 535 West End Avenue got $3.3 million for 10 years to build 31 apartments, and just six of them are "affordable."
At least two arrests stand between you and affordable rent.
"The rich will get richer, but the poor will get apartments."
Don't rich people deserve a public park penthouse or a separate entrance to their apartment for all their trouble?
Zephyr Teachout is a longshot to beat Andrew Cuomo. So why is the governor afraid to face her in a debate?
There is a catch, but it is a tiny catch!
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