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After going bankrupt in 2020, the iconic New York City discount store announced this week that it’s reopening one of its locations in 2023. But this type of comeback might be hard for other retailers to replicate.
Lawmakers have been concerned about the $7 billion project's funding.
The lawmakers wrote in a letter that "vital information about the proposed Penn Station deal has still not been provided to taxpayers and the lawmakers elected to ensure their dollars are spent wisely and their city is developed smartly.”
Will NYC's taxpayers will end up footing the cost in subsidies?
A new law will set tight air pollution limits on new building construction that curtails dependence on fossil fuels such as oil and gas.
Their feedback ranged from "it’s a badly needed project that’s long overdue" to "it’s a destructive giveaway to developers."
Storage- Mart acquired the brand, which has 18 storage facilities in Manhattan, from Edison Properties.
Renters have until 10 p.m. on Sunday to apply for funds.
“It’s about celebration and it’s an injection of hope into the community.”
The rezoning is the first to mandate affordable housing in a wealthy, predominantly white neighborhood.
The governor would first focus on upgrading Penn Station.
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