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Schools Chancellor David Banks had said a curriculum by Columbia University’s Teachers College should be replaced due to concerns about how it teaches kids to read. But parents report that it’s still in use.

Advocates for Children says the school system has "failed" children, with less than 47% of all third through eighth graders, and only 36% of Black and Hispanic students, scoring proficient in reading on 2019 state tests.

With children falling behind on reading skills, Schools Chancellor David Banks wants to change the curriculum.

The most popular books in every borough, courtesy of the NYPL, BPL and QPL.

'The soul of McNally Jackson is the books and the booksellers. We have remained devoted to an old fashioned idea of bookselling, in which bookstores are edifying spaces.'

Some bars are too loud and dark for book-reading, but others are inviting and quiet enough that you can enjoy literature in peace.

Throughout February, New Yorkers will have the chance to vote on a favorite book for the new One Book, One City campaign.

Come January, a borough with a population larger than San Diego's will lack even a single general-interest bookstore.