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After the attacks, the NYPD moved rapidly to develop its own global intelligence and counterterrorism capabilities.

"When you look at the history of stop activity in the NYPD, even though they've come way, way, down from the highs of the Bloomberg years, these numbers are not believable.”

Before the billionaire hits the next stop on his “apology tour,” it’s worth looking back at the ways in which he defended the practice.

The former top cop of the NYPD said that national demonstrations have made officers depressed.

Bloomberg once called her "some woman" who knows "absolutely zero" about policing.

The city's longest-serving police commissioner is exploiting the fears of New Yorkers for money and vanity.

Including in the majority black and Latino neighborhoods where expanding decriminalization was meant to slow them down.

"While there was a computer in my office, I used it to display a continuous montage of family photos."

Court documents claim that the NYPD and the City engaged in a "stunning pattern of spoliation" when it came to preserving evidence on illegal quotas.