Raw sewage

Mold, bacteria, asbestos and shaky foundations are just a few of post-Ida plagues threatening New Yorkers.
Experts say outbreaks of waterborne illnesses are possible after flooding because sewage systems are overwhelmed.
“I’ve been out on the harbor every week for ten years and I’ve never seen anything like that.”
Would you like to swim in some raw sewage for 2.4 miles?
A new agreement between the city and the state could help reduce the amount of sewage going into the harbor by 40 percent in the next 20 years.
Raw sewage makes a Hurricane Irene newscast more authentic, right?
The NY Times has a dramatic account of the everyday heroics needed to get the uptown wastewater treatment plant working after a devastating fire—wading in 8 feet of raw sewage, anyone?
Last week's raw sewage worries didn't scare off 400 people from swimming across the East River.
In the latest article in NY Times' series "Toxic Waters," about the
Photo by Eddie Vega on flickr An elderly man who was
Yesterday, a number of beaches, including Coney Island and Manhattan Beach,
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