In 2021, complaints of rat sightings were up more than two-thirds compared to the same period in 2019. That trend has continued this year.
“I would guess hundreds of thousands died, easily,” said one rat expert. The survivors aren't happy.
Over the years, many have tried to combat New York City's rat problem, but where man has failed, nature has succeeded.
An army of blood-thirsty and guac-hungry rats are chewing their way through a Manhattan Chipotle, according to freaked out workers who say management failed to act even after they were bitten.
"These rats were crawling all over him and he was fearful of screaming out because he didn’t want them to go in his mouth or further agitate them."
"They're stressed from not having their normal feeding. They're disoriented, whacked out."
Pandemic-related budget cuts have hurt the city's ability to clean up the increasing amount of sidewalk trash, which local pols say has led to an increase in rat sightings since the start of the pandemic.
Because going to the bathroom can be full of surprises, check out these day-end links.
The COVID-19 outbreak has led to rat migration... and cannibalism.
Another classic edition of the genre known as "rat scurrying alone with salad."
There are even little flowers placed on the dead rat's body!
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