Rate hike

The Cuomo-Controlled Public Service Commission just approved a $1.2 billion rate hike over the next three years.
We're looking at a 13 percent jump in electricity, and a 25 percent jump in gas, rates over the next three years.
Because of a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ruling that will impose
Now that a federal ruling has raised the amount that power
Photograph of a Con Ed truck and workers by Pabo76 on
The Ravenswood Generating Station in Long Island City which Con Ed
Facing dire financial issues, the United States Postal Service has proposed
Con Edison won approval from the Public Service Commission, the state
Photo via tobyleah's flickr Shocking. Con Ed reportedly charges the highest
Last month, the Public Service Commission approved a 2010 Con Ed
The State Public Service Commission approved a one-year increase for Con
The NYC Department of Environmental Protection is proposing a 14% hike
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