Pandemic-related budget cuts have hurt the city's ability to clean up the increasing amount of sidewalk trash, which local pols say has led to an increase in rat sightings since the start of the pandemic.
A block with a lot of restaurants and a lot of garbage might support a huge colony of rats.
Another classic edition of the genre known as "rat scurrying alone with salad."
"We can never put rats over children, and I am not going to do that. My personal beliefs on animal wellness are not going to get in the way of my role as Borough President."
Impressive ROUS specimen.
These New Yorkers climbing up the subway pole to avoid a rat have not seen it all.
This video is the stuff of cirque du subway nightmares.
The person who took the video told Gothamist she was 'equally shocked, terrified and completely curious how it could have possibly gotten in there.'
Someone captured video of an MTA worker at the Grand Street L train station in Williamsburg abandoning her booth after it was invaded by a rat on Saturday.
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