You don't even need an Instagram filter to enjoy this (just to enhance it).
2011 was the year the Rapture didn't happen (twice), we attended a 9/11 Truther conference, and we opened the floodgates to the Ron Paul Nation. Click through for some of our most memorable, bizarre stories.
Just as Camping predicted, the Rapture arrived "very, very quietly"—but it seems Camping left out the part where it left just as quietly, leaving no trace of it ever having been here to begin with.
What movies are you watching during the rapture?
Harold Camping says the world is definitely coming to an end tomorrow—how many times in one life can you say for sure you know you only have one day to live?
In this thoroughly depressing picture above, it seems that Judgment Day has come early for noted Christian evangelist Kirk Cameron, and all that has been left behind are God's forsake Subway sandwiches.
We've all become so enraptured with Occupy Wall Street and Beyonce's baby bump conspiracy that we've lost track of the most important non-news story of the year: our impending doom!
Rapturologist Harold Camping, whose Doomsday prophecy didn't come true last month, suffered a stroke on Thursday night.
A Queens woman left doomsday dude Harold Camping a quarter-million dollars! Unsurprisingly, her family isn't too happy.
Yesterday, "flabbergasted" Rapture predictor Harold Camping returned to his radio show to explain Saturday's anti-climax
Debunked doomsday prognosticator Harold Camping finally answered the door of his compound last night to sheepishly acknowledge that the apocalypse was late.
The Rapture came and went with nary a peep, and as you can see from the above picture, Harold Camping's house is still decidedly earth-bound.
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