Police have arrested Juan Scott, 26, and charged him with attempted rape.
A stun gun-toting 23-year-old Greek man was arrested at JFK airport yesterday morning as he was about to board a flight to London.
Police have arrested a Queens man who they say raped and sodomized a Manhattan student in her apartment.
The man who is accused of raping a woman in her Williamsburg apartment this week claims the 23-year-old victim "asked him to have sex with her."
Police have arrested the fedora-wearing suspect accused of raping two women at massage parlors in Manhattan and Queens over the last two months, and it came just after he attacked ANOTHER parlor in Long Island.
Police say that a man suspected of brutally beating and raping a woman in a Manhattan massage salon this summer has struck again.
The suspect is a 19-year-old Queens resident.
A man who was found guilty of twice raping a 12-year-old girl was sentenced to 47 years in prison today.
The suspect was arrested after allegedly raping another passenger in Harlem.
You can see the alleged rape suspect place a sharp object to the victims back and put her in a choke hold—police say he then pulled her behind a home and attempted to rape her.
Police are investigating three sexual assaults that took place in Brooklyn and Queens in the span of 24 hours on Sunday.
A Windsor Terrace woman is the latest to blast Brooklyn cops in the 72nd and 78th precincts for not taking a sexual assault seriously enough.
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