'When another young woman, also black, stood up for her, he continued to yell and then call them Monkeys.'
The Matzo Project's crackers are delicious, but they are not kosher for Passover.
Mets' Opening Day is Monday.
Let us show you the light.
You probably think of the waves of "Shhhs" as gentle white noise intended to compliment the enchanting timbre of your voices.
The restaurant tables are too damn close together. There's no justice.
More like Pepsi Ew, amirite?
When is it cool to start hating on Gen Z?
Savor the 27 minute rant below, because it may be his last for awhile.
Watch the whole rant about corporate sponsorships, pink polos, the Grammys and Justin Timberlake below. At least we can all rest easy tonight knowing that West isn't wasting any money on a therapist.
City Council candidate Thomas Lopez-Pierre tells us, "This is not about race, it's about class. Brian Benjamin is no different from the scumbag real estate developers who have been preying on Harlem."
Probably not the best e-mail to send out to more than 30 "uptown political figures."
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