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"We don't have somebody moving around the subway system randomly slashing multiple victims," Bratton insisted.

It is very windy out there folks, and a flying mattress warning remains in effect.

It can be easy to forget that long before super heroes took over Hollywood they weren't always so serious -- especially when they left the comics for the real world. Thank goodness the interwebs never forget.

The victim's mother said, "She is traumatized, and I’m sure she is going to need counseling after this."

Of the many random food "holidays" this month, today's is easily our favorite. Not that we need a reason to enjoy one of the delicacies that New York City does best.

Yesterday on her way from Los Angeles to New York, Rihanna was

Courtesy hbomb's Flickr. The NYCLU filed a lawsuit yesterday on behalf

Official crime statistics recorded by the city this year indicate that