Ramen burger

Keizo Shimamoto's turning his commissary kitchen into a casual ramen-ya where he'll serve his latest ramen creations plus all the versions of his proprietary Ramen Burgers.
Baked ziti pizza may have been New York City's original carb-loaded mash-up, but noodle-loaded sandwiches are bringing even more starchy goodness to the five boroughs.
Yes, vegetarians, you can now spend your weekends queuing up for noodle burgers, too.
The creator of the Ramen Burger will debut a new yatai (Ramen Shack) at the Queens Smorgasburg, featuring a rotating selection of ramen styles.
Even though the sunshine was glorious, the strong, chilly winds pounding the park definitely effected some vendors.
The new venture by the Smorgasburg team includes food vendors, a coffee bar and a Garrett Oliver-curated beer list.
From Ramen Burger to Ramenrrito, there's a whole lot of ramen tinkering going on.
Everyone else using Twitter is probably fine though.
Ramen Burger grows up with solid bowls of noodle soup and a game changing bacon cheese burger.
Creator Keizo Shimamoto also offers three kinds of traditional tonkotsu broth ramen plus five protein bentos.
The large food court/beer hall features brews curated by Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster Garrett Oliver plus eats from Asia Dog, Ramen Burger and more.
Breakfast, Brisket and Pork Belly Ramen Burgers heck yeah!
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