Ramarley graham

“Our first objective here is to get some answers about what happened in this specific case, but the bigger purpose here is to put city officials on notice that when they fail to fulfill their duties, citizens are going to hold them accountable."
"We didn't intentionally start all this—before all this happened, I was just a normal biker," said one of the teen organizers of today's solidarity bike run.
If four men shoot and kill your unarmed son on the street, should you be officially informed of the killers’ names? In New York, the answer is no—if the shooters are police officers.
Council Member Jumaane Williams blasted the de Blasio administration's approach to police transparency as even worse than previous administrations.
Last week, records for the cop who killed Eric Garner were leaked.
"Richard Haste should have been in prison but instead of even firing him, the de Blasio administration let him resign," said Graham's mother.
Protestors called for the firing of the NYPD officers involved in Graham's killing.
Graham's family has also accused the NYPD of misleading the public about the case.
Almost five years after the fatal shooting.
"They disturbed the crime scene," Graham's mother said after seeing the footage.
The highest punishment is dismissal from the department.
"So this is what happened, same as usual. Black life doesn't matter."
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