They made the raises conditional on ethics reforms that can't happen in time.
Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito called a reporter "cynical" for asking how she planned to spend it.
"For me $148,000 is a big compromise that we're doing. We deserve that and more."
It appears that the money is tied to approving the mayor's carriage-horse deal.
The mayor's salary could also go from $225,000 to $258,750.
That's six times what the average New Yorker makes, and three times what a moderately experienced public school teacher does.
Miss Justice is angry (via urbanblitz's flickr). New York State’s 1,300
Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg announced that the city would save 4,400 teachers
The Bloomberg administration is catching some flak for tipping their hand
On Monday, an arbitrator ruled transit workers could receive "four percent
The City Council will give 550 council aides and central staffers
Guess some State Senators weren't doing nothing during the 5-week State
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