There were some really nice days this week. That's all over now.
Scientists predicted Ida’s heavy downpours as early as Monday, but rainfall remains a blindspot when it comes to urban preparedness and climate change resiliency.
Henri sent 4.45 inches of rain to Central Park in New York on Saturday night.
Also, did you hear that thunder this morning?!
The rain continues after Thursday's flash flooding.
Who's dreaming of a wet Christmas?
We're looking at record-setting cold on Wednesday and maybe, just maybe, a little wintry mix to spice things up.
Hold onto your gourd heads!
Shhhhhhhh, the sun is sleeping.
We spoke by phone with the "Highway Hero" earlier this morning about her triumphant and lonesome battle to clear the Long Island Expressway.
A horrifying situation played out out underground in Queens last night, as a man fell as he battled against a subway tsunami that nearly washed him onto the tracks.
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