Police arrested 24 people in an early-morning raid over the weekend.
The famed midtown club was raided on Monday.
The FBI has yet to issue a statement on the raids.
Agents are searching a local school and public safety center.
"We need to be out there in spotlight because people have been looking past us for so long."
"Why can't you be on 125th? Because they have rich folk on 125th now. Why all of a sudden I got to hide and duck and dodge?"
That's about 2 million packets.
'There were two snipers on top of the armored truck with flashlight-guns and one of them pointed at me immediately.'
'There were guns drawn and a lot of people in DHS gear all over.'
Cops say they also found a loaded 44 caliber Smith and Wesson handgun, two stun guns, two credit card skimmers and nearly 400 forged credit cards.
Some undocumented workers were forced to work 100 hours, but paid half that.
The building allegedly had cardboard boxes full of cash.
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