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"When I was driving away, I had the whole block cheering for me, and I was just hoping someone captured it on video."

Service on the FML lines is about what you'd expect.

William Hotz sent a message loud and clear to the world that day: I may scream, but you will always scream longest and loudest when you deny me my ice cream coupon.

According to a report in the Daily News, Trump's children Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka staged an intervention with him recently over his increasingly unhinged rants about Obama.

Jack White did a fantastic job of pissing off a lot of super duper Jack White fans with disposable incomes last night at Radio City Music Hall.

The Post hates panhandling phonies—and today, their terrible eye landed upon a woman who they say has falsely claimed to be pregnant for the last 13 months.

After last night's miserable loss to the Denver Broncos, this six-year-old Jets fan understands the pain of fandom. Do you think he tailgates out of his Tonka?

Is the video below—in which a disgruntled driver cuts down a parking meter with a chainsaw—real or fake?