Radioactivity in groundwater near the plant spiked by 65,000 percent.
We did the tests, man!
The New Yorker has put together an excellent video investigation into the most radioactive place in the city. Check it out below.
New York City is one step closer to earning its third Superfund site—a radioactive body shop shining bright like a cancer-causing diamond in Ridgewood, Queens.
Superfund sites aren't just for canals filled with used toilet water! They're also radioactive autobody shops and, more chillingly, delis in Ridgewood, Queens!
Presumably sick of all the bleeding heart liberals whining about civil rights, NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly has devised an elegant solution to sidestep the controversy over his department's stop and frisk policy.
Via Nils Ferber With all the hooplah over Osama bin Laden
The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant (Digital Globe/Reuters) The Fukushima 50, the
Actors in this Hollywood movie quarantine a home, but there's no
After a 8.9-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami struck Japan yesterday, the death
The biggest solar flare in four years exploded on the surface
From FlySi's flickr stream Uhm, things we didn't want to know?
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