The woman falsely claimed that her life was being threatened.
Police arrested three 15-year-old girls and are searching for a fourth person.
A Westchester private school is facing a state probe over a white teacher's racist Social Studies lesson.
The poster was a collage of various images, but the nooses were accompanied with the words "Back to school necklaces."
The student also revealed that he is a Trump supporter, and the heated exchange began 'when several students were accusing Trump supporters of encouraging sexual violence.'
'White people are the best thing that happened to the world,' the student declares, as students pull out their cameras. 'We're white men. We did everything!'
The racist remarks were spray painted on a number of Bensonhurst locations.
No complaint has been filed yet.
On Thursday, Bechhofer, who is Jewish, admitted that he was responsible for the posts.
A doctor in the Bronx has been suspended pending an investigation into his alleged white supremacist views.
A video posted to Facebook earlier this week shows a driver in Long Island repeatedly and aggressively referring to a black man as the n-word.
A berserk racist was caught on tape lashing out at fellow bus-riders, and threatening to have them deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
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