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Their goal is to push back on their far-right message without amplifying it.

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has formed a coalition to end clinical algorithms that use race as a variable for deciding patient care.

The board called on the city’s department of health to ramp up anti-racism efforts.

Someone splattered paint on the sculpture on Sunday morning around 10 a.m., the third day the sculpture was on display in Union Square.

The term “Indian variant” had the potential to spark a racial backlash against South Asian Americans. So far, the worst fears of this scapegoating haven’t materialized.

Was it free speech or an act of hate? The courts will decide.

Nearly a year after the museum said the statue would be removed, the controversial statue has remained.

The anxieties health care workers are experiencing over the increased attacks are shared by Asian American patients, too. Some have avoided medical care during the pandemic.

The incident comes after a report commissioned in the wake of last summer's racial justice protests uncovered pervasive institutional racism within the New York State Court system.