The beginner racer died from hitting the wall head-on.
NASCAR driver Tony Stewart fatally struck another driver during a race in upstate NY on Saturday.
Apparently the "unique" proposed course has been a little harder to get ready in time for those 200 MPH cars.
We're not quite sure what these cyclists are doing, riding around Red Bull's impressive Formula One race car as it suggestively does donuts.
Can Formula One handle imperfections in NJ's streets?
The trainer's brother said, "The horse is sound and happy, but it's not worth it.
The rumors that Formula One racing was coming to Weehawken and West New York appear to be true.
The mayors of Weehawken and West New York are eager to bring the "world's premier racing circuit" to the Hudson.
A video recently posted on YouTube claims to show the fastest driven lap around the island of Manhattan. But at least one cabbie thinks he can do better.
Sorry, baby, no OTB in your future The State Senate failed
Mike Tyson (that dude seriously loves pigeons) was PETA's last target
The struggling Off-Track Betting Corporation was given a stay of execution
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