Racial profiling

Viral video of a clash between teens at a New Jersey mall and how police responded has sparked a discussion on inequitable policing and opened old wounds in state law enforcement's troubled history with discrimination.
Social media highlighted another example of overpolicing of communities of color, this time in suburban New Jersey.
"They came to the quick conclusion that this was being said to them because they are a group of Black and Latino boys."
The 22-year-old tackled the 14-year-old boy in NYC, insisting he took her iPhone, when she actually left it in an Uber.
'The NYPD continues to this day, to say, look this is not about racial bias, there's no systemic problem here.'
The NYPD never investigated complaints of racial profiling or bias until it was ordered to do so as part of the landmark settlement in a civil-rights suit over its stop-and-frisk policy.
SZA says a Sephora employee called security on her in April, assuming she was stealing products.
A new report on stop and frisk shows that the number of stops have declined dramatically since a federal judge's ruling in 2013. But the racial disparities haven’t budged.
Officers charged a transgender woman in the Bronx with identity theft after handcuffing her to a cell overnight, and subjecting her to sustained harassment, according to a lawsuit.
A black New Yorker says he was racially profiled and harassed by a neighbor who didn't believe he lived in their shared apartment building on the Upper East Side.
A protest outside the boutique drew about 50 demonstrators last night, holding signs and urging bystanders to boycott Amarcord.
'I deserve to be here; I paid tuition like everybody else; I am not going to justify my existence here... I am not going to be harassed.'
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