Rachael ray

A witness told the Post: “Martha was staring Rachael down as soon as she walked in with a group of friends. Martha looked disgruntled. You could definitely feel Martha’s heat in that kitchen.”
You cannot turn away from the scarily gaunt ex-teen star's attempt to create something called "Southern Jalapeno Popper Macaroni Salad."
The first commercial is here, and we challenge you to look away.
The D-listers will donate their winnings to charity, which is very nice considering that most of them could probably use some extra cash.
Why make customers pay once for one issue, when you could sneakily charge them TWO TIMES for one issue?
Sandra Lee, Paula Deen, Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri—no one is safe!
Food Network's Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri are teaming up for an awful-sounding new competitive cooking show called Guy vs. Rachael's Celebrity Smackdown
Food personality Rachael Ray and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand are so on
Rachael Ray's beloved pit bull Isaboo has been involved in at
Look at that roach go! (Emily McKhann, Yesterday suspiciously perky
Last night was the crowd pleasing, if awkwardly titled, "Blue Moon
Terrorist-loving Dunkin Donuts enthusiast Rachael Ray has won some street cred
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