Race to the top

A News Corp. company overseen by former Schools Chancellor Joel Klein just got a $27 million no-bid contract with the State Education Department.
In order to keep its federal "Race To The Top" funding the Department of Education wants to add a bunch of standardized tests to students already full load... to better grade teachers.
Failed application. (Via At a hearing yesterday, New Jersey thinks
The New Jersey Assembly wants an answer for who is responsible
Bret Schundler The saga of New Jersey's $400 million education funding
Bret Schundler Days after an error on NJ's Race to the
According to New Jersey's Governor Christie, their loss in the competition
Perhaps New Jersey should spend whatever public school funding they have
It's no "keep fucking that chicken," but as slip-ups from elected officials
Flickr user warsze Looks like all that drama and work actually
Flickr user Matt Carman When we last left off with the
Flickr user soopahgrover New York submitted its second application for Race
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