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Irving missed eight games since he was suspended by the team on Nov. 3

Administration officials say the facility at Orchard Beach in the Bronx will accommodate 1,000 newcomers, while they are looking to site another emergency relief center as large as three football fields.

About 15 advocates gathered at Teterboro Airport Tuesday afternoon after media reports suggested a charter flight with migrants on board was on its way from Texas.

Almost half of those who've applied remain in limbo, awaiting approvals, with many still needing to submit paperwork to qualify.

Demonstrators protested outside all five criminal courthouses across New York City, calling on judges to reduce the number of people they send to jail.

Twelve people have died in city jails so far this year. Data shows judges have contributed to the swelling detainee population. An analysis by Gothamist/WNYC and New York Focus shows who the top judges are.

Williams was killed in a struggle with police that also resulted in the friendly-fire death of a plainclothes officer.

At a ten-year anniversary rally marking the start of the protest movement in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, demonstrators feel real change hasn’t been achieved, but is more necessary than ever.

The warning was one plank of the mayor’s new five point plan to address ongoing chaos at Rikers Island, which has seen a spike in self-harm and violence.