Police held out a green tarp to soften the fall while someone climbed the building to poke the raccoon from its perch.
In which the raccoons become the highlight of a person's week, and the best live entertainment there is in town.
"We named him Rocky," said a Staten Island bus driver. "It's just an ongoing thing with us."
One subway conductor reportedly said, 'There may be a raccoon on the platform at Nevins St. Please do not attempt to pet it or take pictures with it.'
They say that if you give an inch, they'll take a mile, and so it goes for the city's favorite trash pandas.
A block in Queens is being terrorized by distempered raccoons who brawl in the walls at night.
Would Rocket Raccoon have been treated this way?
Also, in a separate incident, a dog who was trying to get to work today was taken into police custody.
An L train station in Canarsie has a raccoon problem.
Maybe the raccoon was harmless after all?
Listen, raccoons know where to get the good trash.
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