"At first I thought it was a stray cat, but then I realized the animal was snarling and making noises."
The Trash Pandas will be trapped, vaccinated, and tagged throughout several Manhattan parks.
'It was biting at my leg, I had to do something.'
'It fell to the ground, but jumped right back at me, and kept coming at me.'
The girl's mother kicked and punched the coyote, then an off-duty cop jumped in to help.
Of the 662 killed and tested between 2014 and 2016, the Post says only 18 tested positive for rabies.
Actually, the flesh eating squirrel could be the real victim here, one wildlife rehabilitator speculates.
A possibly rabid squirrel has been attacking people in Prospect Park.
The squirrel may already be dead.
An unusually aggressive squirrel was reported to have bit five people in the Brooklyn park this month.
Tourists were seen feeding a group of 22 raccoons near the southeast corner of Central Park.
They are coming for us next.
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