See her and many bunnies today, between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m.
The city council has voted to put an end to the sale of rabbits in NYC, thanks to their extreme fecundity overwhelming the city's already overburdened shelter system.
The city is considering a ban on pet bunnies, thanks to hoards of shortsighted pet owners who buy the up the little munchkins before getting tired of them.
On Sunday, animal lovers gathered at Union Square to protest the store's decision to sell rabbit meat in some locations.
According to the Post, 99 rabbits and hares were shotgunned at JFK last year by "Elmer Fudd firing squads" comprised of Port Authority and USDA workers.
During their acclaimed production of As You Like It two years ago, the Royal Shakespeare Company had an actor skin and behead a dead rabbit on stage, reportedly getting big laughs and applause from Brits.
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About those rabbits in the Greenpoint liquor store window display? They allegedly
Original photo via bryan306's flickr When's the last time you saw
Photo by Miss Heather [UPDATE BELOW] Yesterday Miss Heather came across
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