We have honorable mentions too!
That wascally wabbit!
Firefighters also recovered a brown rabbit from the blaze.
Malik told investigators that the teens, all between 13-16, tried to seduce him: one police source told the News his comments "were self-serving. In other words, they were coming on to him."
"He did it because he loved the bunny. He wanted to take care of something. He couldn't afford to buy a pet."
Renowned Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein said he was overjoyed Miss Cooper was returned: “I always make a point of walking by and waving at the rabbits. I’m glad it’s going to be a happy ending.”
A swank SoHo shop is reeling after one of its rabbit mascots was bunny-napped from its front window on Wednesday evening.
"It makes no sense to kill an animal for stupid pleasures," said a fellow student about the 19-year-old who allegedly killed a rabbit with a hockey stick, then used the carcass as a puck.
Fashion Week is nearly here, and PETA is totally prepared to
Tomorrow is the Lunar New Year 4709, the Year of the Rabbit
Helen Chen, Rabbit Rescue & Rehab/AC&C volunteer, holding an adoptable rabbit
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