Ra dickey

Dickey penned a heartfelt open letter to NYC today, thanking the city and the Mets organization for giving him "a chance to prove that maybe I could be somebody on a big league mound."
With the sting from the R.A. Dickey trade still fresh, the Mets may have a new controversy on their hands.
Instead of keeping the best pitcher in the NL and trying to build, the Mets are going to act like a small market team and trade away a star for hope of a better future.
Wright now, David Wright seems like he'll be a Met for the rest of his career.
Break out the Ent-draught and Lembas, because everyone's favorite Tolkien enthusiast and Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey just become the first knuckleballer to win the Cy Young award ever!
"I don't know if it would be quite as satisfying. I think the asterisk beside the no-hitter would get more attention than the no-hitter, you know?" Dickey said. "It would be a little bit cheap."
Mariano Rivera tied Trevor Hoffman's career save record with his 601st in the Yankees 7-6 win over Toronto.
Because you haven't been paying attention lately, the Mets have announced a Star Wars-themed night to try to lure fans back to the stadium! Eh, it's still less desperate than Mariah Carey's husband-hugs-the-world night.
R.A. Dickey is a lot better than his 8-11 record indicates.
Mets 2 Yankees 1: The Yankees had their chances, but R.A. Dickey
There truly is one NY Times correction to rule them all.
Boston 10 Yankees 8: The Yankees fell way behind and ultimately
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