R train

Officials say that it would help ease the R's "inexcusable delays, poor service, and sudden schedule shifts."
We were so close to getting through this week without a massive subway close, and yet so far.
Give up, go home, get back in bed.
Select Brooklyn N and R riders had a fun time rocketing around at speeds approaching 30 mph, wild!
A little bit of whimsy can go a long way.
The victim's girlfriend said the attacker was just "kicking him over and over."
This happened on an afternoon R train in Brooklyn.
He is a registered sex offender.
Apparently past victims have been contacting the police.
The incidents occurred in August and September.
The first fancy improved subway station out of 33 opened this weekend, and now features new artwork, new countdown clocks and of course, new USB ports.
Like the 53rd Street and Bay Ridge Av stops before it, the Prospect Av stop is going under for 6 months for some renovations.
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