A leader of the NYPD's embattled subway policing division allegedly directed officers to target black and Latino men for farebeating.
We spoke with Sergeant Edwin Raymond (who appears in the Crime + Punishment doc now on Hulu) about his fight to reform policing in New York, the failure of community policing, and his ever-growing disappointment in Mayor de Blasio.
When asked whether CompStat encourages the NYPD's use of quotas, Bratton said that idea is "bullshit."
"An officer who hides in a room, peeking through a hole in a vent, is more supervisor material than me."
The city said the settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing, but the wrongdoing is extensively documented.
"This is not broken windows, it is broken lives. We are not safe in our city if anyone can be tossed in jail at the whim of a police officer."
Court documents claim that the NYPD and the City engaged in a "stunning pattern of spoliation" when it came to preserving evidence on illegal quotas.
"There is no principle more fundamental or well-established than the right of a reporter to refuse to divulge a confidential source."
A victory for Officer Matthews would be a victory for whistleblowers.
An NYPD officer who spoke out against a system of quotas in his precinct is not protected by the First Amendment, according to a federal judge.
“It’s a quota, and they [the Union] agreed to it. It’s crazy.”
The court reinstated an NYPD officer's lawsuit that claims his First Amendment rights were violated when his superiors retaliated against him after he spoke out against the department's quota system.
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