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Is the Quiet Car merely an invitation to vigilantism, sparking endless sniping between the shushers and the shushees?

Christie is EXACTLY the kind of person who angrily shouts over his cell phone on the quiet car of a train while sipping on a pink smoothie from McDonald's. [Apologetic Update Below]

The quiet cars are the last cars of morning trains and first cars of evening trains

In the video below, a group serenades their LIRR car with an enthusiastic rallying song at 6 a.m. It may sound terribly shrill and inconsiderate to us, but maybe you'll find their whooping charming.

LIRR conductors will hand out "Shh" cards to noisy passengers in the quiet car.

The program will expand to the Hudson and Harlem lines next month.

Loose lips, uhm, derail trains? Commuter chaos! Last week New Jersey

Yesterday, NJ Transit rolled out its Quiet Commute pilot program, outfitting