Queens village

Shirr Teved's death capped a deadly day for the city where three other people died in separate fires.
The suspect allegedly grabbed a 12-year-old girl's arm, yelling, "You are coming with me!"
The employee, whose identity has not yet been released, was fatally struck by a Long Island Railroad train at the Queens Village stop Saturday.
"As the train kept going, every few yards we would see more gore. Huge pieces of flesh and who knows what else."
'The whole sky was black,' a witness said.
Zombie houses are up 28% from last year.
The alleged murder weapon used in the shooting was found in a backyard, near a grill.
The officer may have had a 'brain bleed.'
The bullet entered the cop's cheek and went out the other side of his head.
In addition to attempted unlawful imprisonment, the teenagers face child endangerment, harassment and criminal weapon possession charges.
Four girls were walking home from school in two separate incidents.
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