Queens public library

One of the busiest library branches in the country is opening its doors after various hiccups related to the pandemic and the building's ventilation system.
From Barack Obama to Danielle Steel, here's what New Yorkers were checking out from the library this year.
Better late than never.
Along with the reopenings (including the iconic Rose Reading Room) comes a grand opening: there's now an entirely new public library rooftop space at the NYPL's Stavros Niarchos Foundation Library on 42nd. And it's a stunner!
Patrons are wondering why they can drink at bars but not browse for books or free access to the internet.
From Ibram X. Kendi to Danielle Steel, here's what New Yorkers checked out during a time of historic change and "unprecedented isolation."
Physical libraries shut down in March, but are slowly reopening with grab-and-go service.
'There’s really no excuse to build an inaccessible building in 2019.'
More than 470,000 New Yorkers have blocked library cards for accruing $15 in fines or more.
Three fiction sections in the library are only accessible by stairs.
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