Queens kickshaw

Ownership says they'll spend a month revamping the space before reopening as a new concept.
New York boasts more cideries than other state in the country. Here's where to enjoy the best hard ciders in NYC.
The restaurant's celebrating five years with a revamped menu of grilled cheeses and toasts, most under $10.
They'll offer between 80 and 100 different types of ciders, from "scrumpy" farmhouse styles to dry, tannic brut varieties from France.
For this coffee shop roundup, we've selected some of our favorites in their respective neighborhoods, judging on all-around coffee quality, atmosphere and style.
Whether stuffed with imported French fromage or plastic-wrapped cheese product, we are true gluttons for grilled cheese. Here's where to get your cheesy carb cravings satiated.
Here are some things to do this weekend starting with Meet The Breeds
"Ever since the first lonely Jew ordered Chinese takeout on Christmas, there has been an undeniable bond between Jews and Asians."
Click on the photos for the scoop on the Sunburnt Cow's mission to get everybody laid, shrubs at The Queens Kickshaw, and the Poetry of Food at the World Financial Center.
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