Queens district attorneys office

In a hearing on Monday, the borough's top prosecutor successfully petitioned a judge to overturn convictions linked to the work of three officers.
The officer, identified in reports as Thomas Montario of the 113th Precinct, can be seen kneeling on Sircarlyle Arnold’s upper body as he is lying on the ground with his hands behind his back.
The three men will walk free on Friday, after spending more than 24 years in prison for their supposed role in an ambush killing of an East Elmhurst shop owner and an off-duty cop.
Queens county’s first new top prosecutor in a generation says staffers must share her vision.
The troubling social media posts helped sink the prosecution of a man accused of driving while high in Queens.
We're talking a Louis Vuitton bag with $30,000 cufflinks inside.
They allegedly claimed at least 10 victims, half of them elderly.
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