Queens da

The move could mean more than 3,000 low-level marijuana-related offenses get dismissed.
The defendant completely denies the allegations, according to his lawyer.
The new Queens DA, Melinda Katz, insists that the prosecutors' errors were "inadvertent."
The three men will walk free on Friday, after spending more than 24 years in prison for their supposed role in an ambush killing of an East Elmhurst shop owner and an off-duty cop.
Queens county’s first new top prosecutor in a generation says staffers must share her vision.
Public defenders were unaware of credibility issues with at least 11 officers named in the list.
The decision comes despite incoming Queens DA Melinda Katz’s resistance to such disclosures.
In a statement, Cabán's attorney stressed that the certification process signals the start of their court battle to restore more than 100 ballots invalidated during the recount process.
'This is the election that never ends.'
Frank Bolz and Michael Reich are working free of charge for Katz, a service they've provided for decades to any candidates endorsed by the Queens Democratic Party, according to longtime Queens political observers.
Lonna Rae Atkeson, a professor at UNM and Director for the Center for the Study of Voting, Elections, and Democracy, said affidavit rules vary from state to state and are often 'silly and ridiculous.'
Inside this non-descript behemoth on Metropolitan Avenue sits the fate of the criminal justice system of Queens.
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